Let me make your mind up for you.

Why think for yourself when there is someone clever like me to do it for you? Why waste time and effort on thoughts when you can be doing something else that you enjoy more? Are you thinking about voting in the next election? Don’t bother, just…

Vote for My Guys

Like making money? Picking mushrooms? Fishing on ice? You won’t have time for any of that if you have to think about who to vote for. Save time, trouble and stress, and vote for My Guys.

Hi! My name is Steriks Endzenieks and I am paid by people to tell you how great they are, and believe me, they are more than happy to do all your political thinking for you. That’s how they make a living.  You have more important stuff to do and shouldn’t be wasting your time.  We all know that politics is dirty, and good, honest, patriotic people like you shouldn’t be smearing your hands with it. Better those hands are pulling weeds from a bountiful garden in your back yard.

Let us dig in the dirt.

The people who pay me are professionals at sinking their hands into the social soil of politics. It’s their job to clean up your streets, even if it seems like they are also cleaning out your pockets. This happens in government, let’s face it. But My Guys will make it seem like you are getting a lot more for a lot less. If you do get ripped off, you won’t even notice it. That’s how good My Guys are.

I want to liberate you from needless stress. If I can convince you that you that My Guys are better than those Other Guys, believe me, you won’t have to think at all about the upcoming elections. Go visit a client, bring out your mushroom basket, and dust off the fishing rod, but whatever you do, don’t waste your time agonizing over who is going to run this country. My Guys will take care of that. Just watch.

Let me make your mind up for you, and that will be one less thing for you to worry about so you can think about really important things like your family, your car and the foxes in the henhouse.

Let me make your mind up for you, and you won’t have to stress out at cocktail parties when people ask who you are going to vote for.

Let me make your mind up for you and you won’t have to watch any of those long, boring TV news and discussion shows. (More time for hockey, motocross and Dancing with the Stars!)

Let me make your mind up for you and you keep can keep your IPOD turned on to full volume while in the voting booth. (No thinking necessary!)

You are too nice of a person to waste your mind’s time thinking about politics. Let My Guys do it for you!

Vote for My Guys. They’re better than the Other Guys.

They put their money where my mouth is.

(This is a well paid political advertisement created by Me and My Agency for My Guys.)



My name is Steriks Endzenieks and my ad agency is being paid big money to convince you to vote for My Guys in the next election.  Here are ten reasons why you should vote for My Guys:


My Guys have lots of money and thus can afford to hire me, the best (and most expensive) guy in the ad business.


My Guys want to make more money. If they make a lot of money in government, then lots of other people in the country also get to make some money. Maybe you will too. This is good for the economy.


My Guys’ false promises have a ring of truth to them. This is probably very important to many of you.


My Guys believe in anything you believe in. If we’ve missed something that matters to you, just write to our web page and we’ll add it to the list. All value systems honored.


My Guys only lie for a good reason. Values are important to us, and we believe that whatever you do should be only with the best of intentions. We have the best intentions in the world and will tell you anything you want to hear for as long as you want to hear it.


My Guys think like you do. They have the same values you have. They  shop at the same stores you shop at. Some of them even know your wives. If you could get away with it, you would do the same thing we are doing. Let My Guys do it for you.


My Guys’ faces look good on large posters. Let’s face it, this really does matter a lot to you, doesn’t it?


My Guys will leave you alone after they are elected. Dealing with politicians once every four years is bad enough, no need to pollute your life more than that. Just elect My Guys and none of us will bother you again for four years.


My Guys will spend your tax dollars to improve our economy. ‘Us’ of course means them and me, but we’re sure that some of you will get good jobs from all this. Especially if you vote for us.


My Guys hate politicians a much as you do. Especially those that oppose them. Wouldn’t you?