That’s right gang. America’s smallest circulation newspaper is growing by leaps and bounds. Not only have we gone nationwide (with readers from New York to California) but our European circulation has literally doubled (from 2 readers to 4).

And now, if that weren’t enough, L.I.P.S. has finally acquired its very own P.O. Box.

Yes indeedy kiddies, you can now correspond with your L.I.P.S. correspondent just like the big guys.

Send correspondence, dirty pictures, hot tips, juicy tidbits, money, beads or anything your imagination can conjur up to:


P.O.Box 11816

Chicago, IL 60611

Unlike TIME, NEWSWEEK, PLAYBOY and all those other „legitimate” publications, L.I.P.S. will personally answer each and every letter received. No cold, impersonal form letters. No mass produced, secretary-typed, unctuously polite notes. Nope, when you  invest in a letter to L.I.P.S. you’ll get many happy, custom written, irreverently irresponsible returns.

Go ahead, try us. Give us your untruths, your fallacies, your tired and hungry fibs and falsities, yearning to breath free….and we’ll give you an appropriate response. Honest. Would L.I.P.S. lie to you?

And remember…when the truth isn’t enough, the only place you’ll ever get it straight…

……is from the L.I.P.S.

Ojars Kalnins



P.S. Got any friends who might want to be on the L.I.P.S. mailing list? How about enemies? Send us their names and addresses. We’ll send them a surprise.

(Most probably 1980.)