Look, up in the sky!

That’s it, stare as hard as you can. Bet you can’t see them.

And yet, they’re there. Millions of them. And they’re comin’ right at you. Comin’on strong. Coming through your hearth and home by the megabunch every second.

What are they?

Radio waves.

So what, you say? So this is what. Those undulating electrical impulses aren’t coming here alone. Every single moment you’re alive whether you’re awake, asleep or somewhere in between (like watching Hollywood Squares), those pesky little radio waves are continuously filling the air about you with…


Bet you didn’t know the truth came in waves.

It also comes in colors.

And in creeds.

And a whole lot of different nationalities.

In fact, the truth comes in more flavors than Schrafft’s Ice Cream.

In more languages than Mork from Ork can speak.

And in more packages than Care would care to consider.

Since LIPS has always been a little short of the truth, we thought it would only be appropriate to tune into the frequency that’s a little short on the wave. And pass our combined ideological interference on to you.

Thus, as a public disservice to all those folk too busy to tune into the international Short Wave Battle of the Bands, we bring you the following summary of the news from the world’s most prolific propaganda propagators….

March 1980

L.I.P.S. – When the truth isn’t enough.