Its time to go to battle,

the trumpets have been sounded

unsheath your sword, adjust your shield

and march

march into the face of those that doubt you

march into the glare of hostile fire

march along with others who surround you

march alone armed solely with desire

march the paths that others trod before you

march thru pathways never trod before

march despite the voices that implore you

march when you can ‘t take it any more

march as if there wasn’t a tomorrow

march for all the love left in your life

march to kill the pain and drown the sorrow

march  to end the conflict and the strife

march for all that’s good and all that’s holy

march for those whose marching days are through

march for all the sad and all the lonely

march for those who still depend on you

march through sunny fields and sparkling meadows

march into the darkest depths of hell

march along with memories and shadows

march where all before you nobly fell

march because you must, because you have to

march because you have no other choice

march a lively step and snappy tatoo

march because you hear that inner voice

Its time to go to battle

the trumpets have been sounded

unsheath your sword

adjust your shield

and march

march into the face of fear and terror

march into the jaws of the unknown

march because you are another bearer

marching for the place that you call home

marching for your family and loved ones

marching for your hearth and sacred home

marching to the tune of the unsung ones

marching to your destiny alone

Dedicated to the strÄ“lnieki  and others who have fought for Latvia’s freedom -  November 17, 1999